• Milan
  • Italy

The digital marketing thinking leader Cynthia Johnson will back to Italy, thanks to The Go To Market Company for a workshop about personal branding for business, dedicated both to professionals and companies.

Already a speaker for major international events such as Websummit, Global Ventures Summit, and, coming off the success of her book "Platform: the art and science of social media", she will guide us to develop a personal brand, build an audience and feed the followers.

How will this workshop benefit you, your team, your company?
Our process is broken down into four phases including:

> Discovery

> Development

> Promotion

> Advancement

The first two phases will be covered in the preworkshop work and during the workshop itself.

The primary objective of the workshop is to create a clear and concise message that not only creates opportunities but also creates and attracts the relevant opportunities to the goals set forth, as well as leaving you, your team, your company, with tools to achieve those goals.

We first identify the message and positioning needed to leverage the brand, in order to achieve specific and clearly defined goals. From there, we will detail the digital assets, media materials, and promotional content that should be created and used throughout each part of the personal branding process and into the management of your campaign to capture and create additional growth opportunities.

Some of these opportunities include, but are not limited to:
- Growing professional network for thought-leaders

- Increased brand reaches

- Strategic partnership opportunities

- Personal and organizational press opportunities

- Speaking opportunities

- Social media account growth and management

- Identifying inroads to memberships and/or positions of authority